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Discover Baltics is a brand name of the Incoming Tourism Department of Guliverio kelionės Ltd. – a tour operator in Lithuania that has 22 years of experience in tourism and meeting its customers’ needs. We work as an incoming  tour operator in the Baltics and organize tours in the Baltic States – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – and our neighbours Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Finland. We live and work in this area long enough to make sure you get to see the best of the best if you only have few days for your trip to the Baltic States. A weekend in Vilnius or a short trip to Estonia. All three Baltic capitals or sightseeing in Riga. Baltic seaside or a spa weekend in Lithuania. And just wait till you see what we have prepared for you if your visit is longer! Just make sure you have enough time for a trip to the Baltics and its neighbours and we will take you on an unforgettable tour of the Baltic area.

You will always find most of the information about a tour on our website. But you should definitely contact us to find out more details about a specific tour. There might be a great concert the night you arrive for your weekend in Riga. And we would not forgive ourselves if you were a fan of street musicians and we didn't tell you about the Street Musicians Day while you are travelling in Lithuania. We can always change the itinerary according to your needs and add some things to do on the first day if you arrive early or the last day if your flight home is in the evening. Just let us know and your travelling in the Baltics will be according to your needs.

If you looked through the website already you know we also organize Meetings & Conferences in the Baltic States. And we have transportation services if you only need a transfer in the Baltics. We can book a hotel in the Baltic States (and our neighbours as well) for you and we have tour guides for your trips in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and around.

And one more important thing. If you are a tour operator, you know how it works. We don’t need to tell you, right? You contact us and we have it all sorted out. And if you are an individual traveller... it really works just the same way! All you need to do is contact us.