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Tours to the Baltics

If you are reading this we already know you love the Baltics. The question now is what the Baltics can offer to make your holiday special and memorable.

DISCOVER BALTICS organizes guided Baltic Tours - to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – and adds their neighbours Poland, Russia, Sweden and Finland in the extended Baltics & Neighbours Tours. You can choose one which will take you to all three Baltic States or each country individually, lets you discover the Baltics or shows their connection to the neighbouring countries. You will also find Baltic Weekend Tours and Health & Wellness tours here. To make sure your holiday is special and memorable you just need to contact us for details via

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For Individual Travellers

Baltic Tours

Visit Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia! Baltic Tours section offers you few different tours to travel around the three Baltic States. Look at the tour itineraries, pick one (or few, if you want) and contact us to book your Baltic Tour!

A roundtrip in all three Baltic States. The tour starts and ends in Vilnius but we can change it to Riga or Tallinn on request. Baltic Capitals, national parks, castles, palaces and the most interesting and unique places are included! More...
Take a tour to the capitals of all three Baltic States and visit their UNESCO-listed old towns, see their castles in and outside the cities, and hear their history, stories and legends. A classical tour to the Baltic States with many optional... More...
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Baltics & Neighbours Tours

The Baltics wouldn't be the way they are without their neighbours. And we feel like you should get to know the neighbours just as well as the Baltics. Here's a few great tours to visit the Baltic States and the neighbouring countries. Look through the tour itineraries and contact us to book your Baltics & Neighbours Tour!

It's the Baltic tour of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and then travelling along the coast of the Gulf of Finland, visiting Saint Petersburg and Helsinki. See the similarities between the palaces in the Baltics and Saint Petersburg! And end this... More...
This Baltic Sea tour will take you to five different countries - you will visit the Baltic States, Finland and Sweden. There is a short ferry ride across the Gulf of Finland and one night in a Baltic Sea cruise ferry on the way to Stockholm. And... More...
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Baltic Weekend Tours

Here's a tour category for those who are looking for a short city break in one of the Baltic Capitals. There's a weekend in Vilnius, Riga or Tallinn. And you can always combine it with some events in the Baltic Capitals. Look through the itineraries, pick a Baltic capital you want to visit and contact us to book your Baltic Weekend Tour!

A weekend tour to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia with an all day tour to Estonian islands. And you should also check the upcoming events in Tallinn - maybe there is a turtle race the weekend you are here! Or a concert of your favourite band that is... More...
You know that you will find the itinerary of this tour to Vilnius here. But do not forget to also check the upcoming events in Vilnius and plan a special weekend tour to Vilnius! More...
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Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness holiday in the Baltics is organized on request. Contact us to book your Health & Wellness holiday in Lithuania, Latvia, or Estonia!

There are quite a few health & wellness resorts in the Baltic States that are worth a visit. You can find more information in our Destinations: about Druskininkai in Lithuania, Jūrmala in Latvia, and Pärnu in Estonia. A tour to each of these p... More...
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